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News How can I prevent high cholesterol?

Read this exclusive conversation with Dr. Robert Pilchik of Manhattan Cardiology via Fox News. He gives six tips on how to reduce cholesterol for the health of your heart.

Posted on September 7 2023
News Can Hormonal Birth Control Cause Stroke?

There is a small chance of stroke with many chemical birth control methods. Your chance of having a stroke relies on many things, and there are things you can do to decrease that probability.

Posted on September 6 2023
Blog Can a Vegan Diet Truly Reduce Your Risk of Cardiovascular disease?

Does a vegan diet really lower your chance of getting heart disease? Let's take a look at the proof.

Posted on September 4 2023
News This Is How Dehydration Can Affect Your Blood Pressure

You've definitely heard your doctor stress the importance of drinking enough water and maintaining good blood pressure. Hydration and blood pressure regulation are not only important for general health, but are also related.

Posted on August 31 2023
News The Benefits of Wearable Tech for Seniors

By providing real-time feedback on ride intensity and duration, among other data points, wearables help cyclists train more efficiently. However, wearables also have the potential to save the lives of the elderly by monitoring their health.

Posted on August 30 2023
Blog Heart Healthy Smoothies for Labor Day

Maintaining cardiovascular health requires year-round attention to a balanced and healthy diet, especially in the warmer summer months. But even as we transition to fall, these heart-healthy smoothies are particularly refreshing

Posted on August 28 2023