Upper West Side Location Now Open!
Manhattan Cardiology

I went to the 201 E. 65th location and had a great experience with all the technicians, PA and Dr. Beniaminovitz. They have an up to date check in process, where you can pre-check in and fill out forms on your phone. The receptionists are friendly and there are multiple counters to go to. They ran a lot of tests and sent me home with monitors to test different things over 4 days. They set me up with a PCP in the same practice and even got blood work done easily in the same building. They did a very thorough exam and my first time there I was with the doctors for about 1.5 hours doing all different tests to get a solid baseline for what is going on. I appreciate that and not writing off my symptoms as “just anxiety”. They really are very professional and great doctors. Both times there were about 10 people in the waiting room (there are many different doctors and three practices, I believe, in one building) and the wait was about 20-30 minutes.