Manhattan Cardiology

Manhattan Cardiology offers high quality services and they take the necessary time to make sure they address all the medical and health related needs of their patients. All of their professionals are world class. They are kind, courteous, inquisitive and work to make sure all medical issues and needs are handled and all appropriate and relevant questions are asked and answered. Their facilities are comfortable, accesible, and very well maintained. They also have and use the best equipment, give prompt access to results, and clearly spell out treatment options when needed. Dr. B, as he is affectionately know, Ami Beniaminovitz, MD at this practice literally saved my life and I am and will forever be grateful to him and to all their medical professionals, particularly Lauren Wester, PA, who is beyond gentle and kind, and Alyssa Topilow, CRNP for their amazing work and kind care … Highly and enthusiastically recommended!