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Manhattan Cardiology

Everyone was so friendly. It was also the most thorough intake I have ever had at a cardiology office, and I’ve been a cardiologist’s care for 16 years. Intake and checkin was very good. I waited a short period for the tech to come in and do an EKG and other testing. Then the PA came in and took more vitals, talked to me, listened to my heart, and shared what they would do next. Then a wonderfully kind echocardiogram tech came in and checked my carotid arteries and heart. THEN another woman came in and fit me for a holter monitor. THEN the doctor came in and explained everything, plus a thorough assessment and treatment plan. I was so scared before going to this doctor’s office, but they made me feel safe, taken care of, calm, and important to them. So glad I found them and highly recommend.