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Manhattan Cardiology

I’m so fond of Dr. B, I don’t even want to leave a review so I can make sure I’m always able to get an appointment. First—the office: very clean, well-organized, with capable and efficient front desk assistants that make checking in and out very convenient. The MA, NP and (radiology tech?) I had were all very pleasant, cordial, and kind. They know their stuff, explain things in a way that makes sense to the average person without sounding condescending, and it’s obvious they care for you and about what they do. It seems clear that Manhattan Cardiology is a great place to work based on the attitudes and general vibe from everyone there.

As for Dr. B—what a gem. After having several doctors have no idea what was going on with me, often chalking it up to “psychosomatic” issues or minimizing it as anxiety, Dr. B was very thorough with his exam and testing measures. He was careful to gather all of the data and evidence he needed before tentatively suggesting a diagnosis, always being very careful not to speak in absolutes. I never doubted for a moment that he believed my symptoms were real and troublesome and scared me, and he didn’t have to work hard to convey with warmth and empathy that he was also concerned and dedicated to getting to the bottom of it.

My visits at Manhattan Cardiology have resulted in the very best medical care I have received anywhere, at any point in my life—no exaggeration. They are professional and compassionate, knowledgeable and kind; every single person who works there is the ideal embodiment of both intellectual and emotional intelligence. This is what healthcare is supposed to be. Can’t recommend Manhattan Cardiology more enthusiastically.