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What is PreOp Clearance?

Preoperative risk assessment is an evaluation completed by your primary care provider and or cardiologist in preparation for an upcoming surgical procedure.

How do you prepare for a PreOp Clearance?

You want to come to your appointment with the knowledge of the specific procedure that is going to be performed.

Depending on the complexity of the planned surgery and your medical history this will determine what further testing is required to ensure a safe outcome.

Why is a PreOp Clearance performed?

Surgery and anesthesia both place a level of physiologic stress on your body. The preoperative evaluation allows us the chance to make sure that this level of stress can be handled safely. It takes into account your current medical conditions that can also put you at an increased risk.

What can you expect during a PreOp Clearance?

During your preoperative evaluation you can expect a physical exam, an EKG, blood tests. Depending on your age, medical history and the type of surgery planned additional testing should be expected.

What is the followup like for a PreOp Clearance?

Once your provider receives the results they will be able to determine your risks of undergoing the surgery. In more complex scenarios they may have to send you for additional tests or confer with other specialists.

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