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Manhattan Cardiology are expert Cardiologists who strive to be current with all heart health conditions. Here are a few outlets where our cardiologists have been showcased: 

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Our World Class Heart & Vascular Care is rooted in bringing a friendly, personalized touch to the heart of midtown manhattan.

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Meet our team of board-certified, clinically and academically accomplished Cardiologists, expert Providers of Care and dedicated Staff!

Robert Segal, MD
Robert Segal, MD

Board Certified Cardiologist

Ami Beniaminovitz, MD

Ami Beniaminovitz, MD

Board Certified Cardiologist

Jossef Amirian, MD

Jossef Amirian, MD

Board Certified Cardiologist

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  • Award-Winning Cardiologists
  • Convenient Midtown Location
  • Most Health Insurances Accepted
  • IAC Accredited Testing Facility
  • Board Certified, Friendly Staff
  • 24–Hour Patient Appointment Service
  • Se Habla Español
  • Personalized Heart Screening & Treatment

Manhattan Cardiology Patient Reviews

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5.0 Vitals

Review from Anonymous

Source: Vitals | Apr 19, 2020

Recommend!, Dr Amnon is very friendly and professional and so does the team, very organized and efficient. I’d definitely recommend this place.
5.0 Vitals

Review from Anonymous

Source: Vitals | Apr 17, 2020

Dr. Beniamninovitz is good doctor to see., I've had several good experiences with Dr. Beniaminovitz. I don't wait long to be seen, as I explain my concerns I feel like he listens and I don't feel like I'm being rushed out of the office. I feel like we are working together to solve problems as opposed to him just taking the approach-do what I say because I could care less what you think.


How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Heart?

While most discussion about the harmful effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus has revolved around the damage it can do to your lungs, research has indicated that the virus can also cause potentially dangerous swelling and muscle weakness of the heart.  While the impact...

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Sleep Apnea and Heart Health

Though the reasons why are not entirely clear, it is undeniable that the amount and quality of sleep you get has a significant effect on your heart health. At Manhattan Cardiology, we frequently treat patients for sleep-related cardiovascular issues, and cannot...

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What To Eat To Help Raise Low Blood Pressure

Many people wonder what to eat to help raise low blood pressure. Low Blood Pressure (also known as Hypotension) is typically considered to be a blood pressure reading under 90/60 mm Hg. This condition affects many people, particularly as they grow older. Between 10%...

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News & Developments

Dr. Robert Segal Speaks With Capsule About Best Practices

Manhattan Cardiology's Founder and Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to Capsule on integrating virtual care and the short and long-term implications of COVID-19 on his businesses. How did you get started in medicine and what led you to pursue not only being a...

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Coronavirus Antibody Test… How Accurate Is It?

Manhattan Cardiology's Founder and Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Segal speaks to The New York Post about the coronavirus antibody test and how accurate it may be. He’s quoted saying: Cardiologist Robert Segal has been conducting antibody tests at his Manhattan Cardiology...

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