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News | Media The Only 4 Exercises You Need To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Regular exercise may help control brain activity, including emotional balance, problem solving, learning, organization, and memory, according to the CDC.

Posted on April 18 2024
News | Media A Recipe for a Healthy Heart

Dietary decisions are of critical importance when it comes to the prevention of heart disease.

Posted on April 16 2024
Blog | Media POTS: Know The Risk Factors

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is when moving from lying down to standing up, a rapid increase in heart rate is noticeable.

Posted on April 15 2024
Blog | Media Don’t Stress Over This Vital Test

The stress echocardiogram checks how well your heart works and can help doctors figure out what's wrong with your heart.

Posted on April 9 2024
News | Media A sedentary lifestyle may alter cholesterol levels

According to a study, a sedentary lifestyle may have different effects on different people.

Posted on April 4 2024
News | Media When Should You See a Doctor About Heart Palpitations?

Palpitations are a fluttering sensation in your chest even while you are doing nothing more than sitting on the sofa.

Posted on April 3 2024