Manhattan Cardiology

I RARELY write reviews , let alone GOOD reviews. So when I tell you that I had literally the best experience at a doctors office visit (so far) at Manhattan Cardiology it’s because I was truly amazed and blown away by the level of service their entire staff provided and in particular Dr. Ami Beniaminovitz! I came in worried and a bit scared because of recent high blood pressure and other stuff and Dr. Ami was so patient and calming and helpful that I immediately felt better calmed down and was put at ease. How many doctors make you feel like your talking to a wise old friend or uncle that genuinely cares about you as a person and your well-being? How many doctors go above and beyond to give you relevant and helpful tips to improve your health and quality of life? I’ve been to hundreds of doctors appointments and so far: ONE. Dr. Ami thank you for all that you do and to you and your team for outstanding patient care!