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“Stayin’ Alive,” the renowned Bee Gees song, can help victims of cardiac arrest do just that.

Not only suitable for dancing, the song’s 100 beats per minute can guide a person giving chest compressions. This tempo allows for oxygen-rich blood to circulate to the victim’s organs until medical assistance arrives.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the 300,000 victims of cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, 92% of them die. While 33% receive CPR from someone at the scene, about 70% of people are afraid to take action due to the mouth-to-mouth aspect of CPR. Many are also afraid of hurting the victim, although studies show that the risk of injuring a victim of cardiac arrest is negligible compared to the chance of helping him or her.

So remember, if you see someone who requires immediate CPR assistance:

1. Tap, shout and yell “Are you OK?”
2. Call for help immediately; have another bystander call 911.
3. Perform hard and fast compressions on the center of the victim’s chest at 100 beats per minute – Bee Gees style – until medical assistance arrives.

It may be necessary to keep up the compressions for 15 minutes or so until help comes. Be sure to enlist the help of others to keep the victim alive.

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You can save a life. For more confidence in a medical emergency, get certified in CPR and first aid at a local center.