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Apparently coconut oil isn’t healthy, is MCT oil any better?

Manhattan Cardiology’s own Dr. George Welch was recently quoted in Coveteur Online about health implications of consuming coconut oil and MCT oil. Here’s what he said:

According to Dr. Welch, the whole brouhaha around coconut oil “is that it’s virtually 100% saturated fat, containing 82% of saturated fat compared to butter, containing 63% of saturated fat,” which, when consumed in large amounts, “can lead to heart disease,” he explains. But Pasquella wants us to understand that “the American Heart Association is only focusing on cholesterol and ignoring all the other benefits of this amazing substance. We know the key to prevention of disease starts with a low-inflammation diet, and coconut oil is a low-inflammatory substance. The AHA is now recommending to replace coconut oil with vegetable oil, [which is] a very inflammatory oil,” she warns. When it comes to MCT oil, saturated fat content isn’t an issue, “but the problem with it is that it’s controversial if it has any true health benefits,” cautions Dr. Welch, as it hasn’t been studied thoroughly.

Dr. Welch’s medical expertise was used to cover the subject in coveteur and shape magazine.