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One of our Cardiologists, Amnon Beniaminovitz, MDwas quoted by Refinery 29 on Should You Workout On Weed? View the placement on Refinery 29.

He was quoted saying:

On top of that, if you have heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions, you may want to avoid this combination, explains Dr. Amnon (Ami) Beniaminovitz.

“It’s hard to say if you should [workout high], because we don’t have a lot of data about it,” he explains. “But the less you work out on medications or drugs — or even energy drinks — the less chance you have of going into an abnormal heart rhythm… I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you know you have a heart condition or haven’t been tested for underlying conditions.”

Weed can increase your heart rate and blood pressure while you consume it and for about an hour afterward. Of course this is dependent on how much cannabis you use — and your heart rate might stop being affected in this way if you’re a regular cannabis user. As Dr. Beniaminovitz explains, if you increase your heart rate from exercise on top of that, it could be bad news. The way marijuana impacts your sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system could also put your heart in trouble during exercise, he says.