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Written by: Dr. Amnon Beniaminovitz

Palpitations are a sensory symptom and are often described as an unpleasant awareness of the forceful, rapid, or irregular beating of the heart. Often times patients describe the sensation as a rapid fluttering in the chest, flip-flopping in the chest or a pounding sensation in the chest or neck.

There are many causes of palpitations. The most common ones arise from problems of the heart. Certain medications and recreational drugs, as well as some medical conditions like pregnancy, fever, anemia, hyper or hypothyroid, high stress or exercise, can unmask palpitations.

Normally you should not be able to feel your heart. If you have ever felt any of the above symptoms, have a family history of abnormal heart rhythm, or unexplained sudden death, a history of mitral valve prolapse or structural heart disease, it would be wise to undergo a cardiac evaluation.


Early detection leads to better prevention. Therefore, getting these early signs of a heart attack diagnosed will reduce your chances of getting this fatal disease in the future!

Make your heart health your main priority.

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