Upper West Side Location Now Open!
Manhattan Cardiology
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Medical Offices of Manhattan just opened at 112 West 72nd Street offering specialists in cardiology–Manhattan Cardiology, (its cardiology department), primary care, internal medicine, and gastroenterology.

Primary Care Specialist and Medical Director, Daniel Kim, DO, pays close attention to details.  How a patient describes their daily life and clinical or mental health issues all play a part in how that patient is best treated. Dr. Kim is interested in accessing each of his patients in all their complexity even if on arrival at the office the patient describes only a single complaint.

Inspired by a mentor while in medical training, he was drawn to Primary Care as a specialty that holds the expectation of forming long-lasting trusting relationships.

Dr. Kim, his wife, and their two young daughters are Upper West Siders.  Dr. Kim grew up in Queens.  He joined the US Navy.  He spent eight years working at military hospitals based in Japan, South Korea, and in San Diego.  Then he came to New York and the Upper West Side.

Cardiologist Robert Pilchiik, MD, is among the newest of a growing number of clinical specialists who see patients at Medical Offices of Manhattan. He has been living and working in Westchester for many years. But, now that his three daughters are in college, returning to NYC where he spent years while in training, offers new challenges and the excitement of being part of a new, very positive, forward-thinking team.

New York Times article discusses the seemingly never-ending problem of diagnosing cardiac problems in women. For all patients, Dr. Pilchik emphasizes the importance of addressing all of the components of prevention including complying with following the doctor’s recommendations regarding medication, exercise, nutrition, and paying attention rather than dismissing symptoms of a possible problem. Dr. Kim is equally committed to prevention that covers a myriad of options and precautions for relatively healthy patients as much as for those with hereditary conditions. He says he sees himself “as the quarterback” on a team of varied specialists where he ensures that all are engaged in a common plan to optimize the patient’s health.

On the very practical risk-reducing side, Dr. Kim still advises wearing masks in crowded areas and encourages patients to get vaccines which he says are safe and effective.

Take a look at the office through its large glass windows facing 72nd Street. Or step inside. No gimmicks. No distracting music. The environment is exceptionally clean and thoughtfully designed with lots of white, light wood, and touches of soft grays and green to support a mood of comfort, and quiet.  The reception staff is polite and reassuring.

The entire office is surprisingly large, consisting of 30 treatment rooms on the entry-level and additional treatment areas and consultation rooms on a lower level. Dr. Kim explains that this medical group is conceived to provide wrap-around care in a community of specialists who are regularly in touch as they focus on caring for patients. “We are in constant communication about our mutual patients to ensure that we are on the same page about their plan of care,” says Dr. Kim. He says that the private practice takes walk-ins and accepts same-day appointments and all major insurances.  “We have affiliations with all major NYC hospitals and all major insurances.”

The practice was started in midtown about ten years ago by Dr. Robert Segal, a cardiologist. The Upper West Side office joins locations in the Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Columbus Circle. A related business LabFinder.com enables patients to locate a lab for screenings as prescribed at the office.

These days, patients tend to be more informed about medicine, prescriptions, side effects and other variables of medical care. Each of the clinicians at Medical Offices of Manhattan is committed to taking the time to get to know the patient and understand their concerns, and goals.

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