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Pulmonary hypertension is a lung disease which can lead to right heart failure as a result of high blood pressure in the arteries. This rare, debilitating disease that affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

What are the risk factors?

Risk factors for pulmonary hypertension include:

  • family history
  • obesity
  • sleep apnea
  • gender (women are 2.5 times more likely, especially those of childbearing age)
  • pregnancy (women who already have PH have a higher risk of mortality during pregnancy)
  • altitude (high altitude living can increase predisposition to PH)
  • other diseases (congenital heart disease, lung disease, liver disease and connective tissue disorders can lead to PH)
  • drugs and toxins


Symptoms of the disease are general (dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue), so further evaluation is needed in order to detect PH. While there is no cure currently for pulmonary hypertension, treatments are available which can improve quality of life for those with the disease. Lifestyle changes are necessary to manage PH and can be coordinated with a physician.


Keep your body and heart healthy. If you are at risk for pulmonary hypertension, get checked today.