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Before indulging in seconds and thirds this holiday season, remember that overeating comes with consequences.
Obesity and being overweight are increasingly more serious concerns that affect about 70% of American adults.
With this shocking reality comes an increased risk for stroke, heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight during adulthood is crucial to general health.
According to this study, women who were overweight were 1.5 times more likely to have sudden cardiac death than their healthy-weight counterparts, and obese women were twice as likely to experience sudden cardiac death.
Don’t worry – a few bites of your favorite holiday dessert won’t kill you, but a lifestyle of overindulgence just might. Be responsible about keeping to a healthy weight; always remember that there are support networks available to help you achieve your health goals.
At Manhattan Cardiology, we encourage our patients to be healthy in every way they can. By eating proper portions (and a few treats here and there) and exercising regularly, you can reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke.