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An exercise stress test (treadmill test or exercise test) helps identify if you have a blocked artery in your heart putting you at risk for a heart attack.

The good news is, if you are at future risk for heart disease or dangerous arrhythmias (sudden cardiac death), we will be able to detect and treat it before it becomes an issue. Our team members at Manhattan Cardiology are your detectives at heart!

How do you prepare for an exercise stress test?

  • Refrain from eating a big meal 2 hours before your test.
  • If you use an inhaler, bring it with you to the test.
  • Avoid any lotions or moisturizers on your chest or back.
  • Wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • See more instructions here.

An exercise stress test is recommended if you are over 40 and smoke, or have other potential risk factors for heart disease. Spotting issues early on gives you the best opportunity to address cardiovascular health and avoid dangerous long-term consequences.

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