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Manhattan Cardiologist’s own George Welch, MD has given medical perspective in a piece on Medpagetoday.com about some of the reasons you are nauseous. He was quoted as saying:

It comes down to the technology not being widely available at an affordable cost, said George Welch, MD, a cardiologist at New York’s Manhattan Cardiology. “The cost of that technology will have to come down significantly before any of us are using it on a larger scale.”

After all is said and done, when AI has been fed enough data and cash, when it moves from infancy to its teenage years, and people are satisfied with its reliability and accessibility, the question remains: will doctors really lose their jobs to a computer?

“This type of capacity will reduce a lot of the roadwork that cardiologists do and will free up our time to spend with patients and create a better connection and bond with patients,” Welch suggested.

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