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Manhattan Cardiology’s own George Welsh, MD has given some information on Tamara Judge’s husband in a OK Magazine’s article: “TAMRA JUDGE’S HUSBAND EDDIE UNDERGOES FOURTH HEART PROCEDURE IN ONLY 4 MONTHS — DOCTOR EXPLAINS PROGNOSIS”

He’s quoted as saying:

Eddie has undergone Cardiac Ablation, which Dr. Welch says is a “procedure performed when a person has a rapid heart rhythm- ablation is threading a catheter (long wires) into the heart and putting small burn marks on the areas that are causing incorrect electrical signals- the destroying of tissue helps to fix a heart rhythm problem and helps to blocks abnormal electrical signals from moving through your heart. For this specific procedure the patient usually stays in the hospital overnight.”

According to Dr. Welch, the procedure is not deadly, and happens to be common for AFib.  It has about an 85 percent success rate but some may have to go through a second procedure.

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