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Is it normal to always have cold feet?

The phrase “cold feet” is often used in a symbolic sense. Have you suddenly begun to question your decision to be married only a few days before your big day? Do you find it difficult to click the “send” button on a job application for a totally different line of work? The fact that you have chilly feet is quite understandable. These are significant choices that will alter the course of one’s life.

If you are having trouble comprehending why your feet are literally constantly chilly, you may need some assistance. Equally, there are situations when medical professionals are unable to identify a cause. According to Dr. Mary Greene, MD, of Manhattan Cardiology in New York City, “many times, even after a thorough investigation, there is often not a cause found for cold feet, and it may just be a subjective feeling one has,” she says. But when does it become a real problem? Read the article.