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Is Sleeping on Your Left Side Bad for Your Heart?

It’s possible that you want to do everything you can to keep your heart healthy because heart disease runs in your family. You may also have heart disease and want to make changes to your life that will make a difference. You already know that how well you sleep is important for your health, but does the way you sleep matter?

A small study that came out in the magazine BioMedical Engineering OnLine is one reason for the question. It was suggested that sleeping on your left side might be bad for your heart because gravity makes the organ spin. The study found that this risk wasn’t present when people slept on their right side. ECGs were taken of 10 healthy people while they slept, which is what the writers used to come to their results. Mary Greene, M.D., a cardiologist working at Manhattan Cardiology in New York City, offers her objective perspective on the research being conducted here. Read the article.