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These Are the Best Exercises to Improve Heart Health

Manhattan Cardiology’s own Ami Beniaminovitz, MD has given some information on the best exercises to improve heart health in a She Knows Magazine’s article: “These Are the Best Exercises to Improve Heart Health.”

He’s quoted as saying:

Dr. Amnon Beniaminovitz, a cardiologist at Manhattan Cardiology, says the heart loves to be challenged aerobically. For heart-health benefits, he recommends aerobic exercises including walking, jogging, swimming or biking. “One of the simplest, positive changes you can make to effectively improve your heart health is to start walking,” he tells SheKnows. It’s enjoyable, free, easy, social and great exercise.

“Having high blood pressure over time can lead to a stiff heart that has to work harder,” Beniaminovitz explains. A stiff hardworking heart requires more energy and is more susceptible to damage when blood supply is low or obstructed.

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