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Manhattan Cardiology

One of the things that concern me most about seeing any doctor, is my own unavoidable nervousness, and uncomfortability with just simply being at the doctors office in the first place. A recent visit with Dr. Robert Segal was incredibly pleasant, and easy going. I found the office staff, nurses, and more importantly, the doctor himself, to be very empathetic, and understanding to me as a patient. Secondly, when ever visiting with other doctors, there always inevitably seems to be a sort of business “disconnect” between the doctor and the patient. This can easily happen, if you are in a long line of patients being seen that day, especially when the doctor starts talking in medical terms, and naming off diabolical pharmaceutical drug names, and why, when, and how to take them. Dr. Segal was very relaxed, and easy going, and really took the time to explain things so that they were easily understandable. His demeanor is such that you feel comfortable enough to explain concerns, and ask the simplest of questions. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Segal as one of the best cardiologist experiences for anyone, and I am extremely delighted, to have Dr. Robert Segal as my doctor for anything heart related. Top notch man, hands down.