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News | Media Foods to avoid when taking hydrochlorothiazide

Hydrochlorothiazide is a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

Posted on June 7 2024
News | Media Looking for a healthy cholesterol-lowering diet?

Consuming a nutritious diet with the goal of lowering cholesterol may enhance the results of your cholesterol tests.

Posted on June 4 2024
Media | News How do heart healthy behaviors slow biological aging?

According to scientific findings, maintaining good cardiovascular health may also delay the onset of biological aging.

Posted on May 30 2024
Media | News Is medication necessary to treat high cholesterol?

Medication is not required for all individuals who have high cholesterol. Naturally lowering cholesterol may be possible for certain people.

Posted on May 29 2024
News | Media What are the genetic and lifestyle risk factors for high cholesterol?

Your current lifestyle is a major factor in determining your cholesterol levels.

Posted on May 28 2024
News | Media Can water pills help you de-bloat?

You may find that if you're feeling bloated, taking a water tablet can assist you in reducing your discomfort.

Posted on May 22 2024
News | Media Understanding Your Cholesterol Numbers

Following the completion of a cholesterol test, your physician will provide you with a set of statistics. By gaining an understanding of the significance of these figures, you may have the ability to take better care of your heart health.

Posted on May 15 2024
News | Media According to cardiologists, this is the healthiest fish for the heart.

A heart-healthy diet typically comprises the following: fish, leafy vegetables, legumes, almonds, olive oil, and berries.

Posted on May 9 2024
News | Media Menopause could damage your heart. What can you do about it?

Every year, menopause hurts the hearts of one million women.

Posted on May 8 2024
News | Media Physical activity lowers cardiovascular disease risk

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that regular exercise lowers the probability of developing cardiovascular disease.

Posted on April 24 2024