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News Is It Normal for Your Heart Rate to Drop During Exercise?

Exercise briefly raises your blood pressure and heart rate and is one of the best things you can do for your heart's health. But if your heart rate goes down while you're working out, it could be because you have a major heart problem.

Posted on September 14 2023
News Remote Patient Monitoring Plays Important Role

When it comes to monitoring and managing patient health, healthcare organizations are increasingly moving away from depending primarily on hospital-based treatment and periodic exams as the only available options. Digital health solutions, such as remote patient monitoring devices, make this possible.

Posted on September 13 2023
News How can I prevent high cholesterol?

Read this exclusive conversation with Dr. Robert Pilchik of Manhattan Cardiology via Fox News. He gives six tips on how to reduce cholesterol for the health of your heart.

Posted on September 7 2023
News Can Hormonal Birth Control Cause Stroke?

There is a small chance of stroke with many chemical birth control methods. Your chance of having a stroke relies on many things, and there are things you can do to decrease that probability.

Posted on September 6 2023
News This Is How Dehydration Can Affect Your Blood Pressure

You've definitely heard your doctor stress the importance of drinking enough water and maintaining good blood pressure. Hydration and blood pressure regulation are not only important for general health, but are also related.

Posted on August 31 2023
News The Benefits of Wearable Tech for Seniors

By providing real-time feedback on ride intensity and duration, among other data points, wearables help cyclists train more efficiently. However, wearables also have the potential to save the lives of the elderly by monitoring their health.

Posted on August 30 2023
News | Media Six Tips for Preventing and/or Reducing High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced in sufficient quantities by the body, but if necessary, it may also be obtained through diet. Dr. Robert Pilchik of Manhattan Cardiology explains how to keep cholesterol under control.

Posted on August 23 2023
News High levels of heart attack protein may increase death risk by 76%

Cardiac troponins (cTn) are a type of protein that can only be found in the muscle of the heart. When the heart gets injured, it lets them out into the circulatory system.

Posted on August 15 2023
News What is the secret to a happier mood?

All that stress may wreak havoc on our nervous system, leading to an imbalance known as nervous system dysregulation, whether we're working nonstop, managing care for several family members for weeks or months at a time, or simply trapped in a web of worry. Is there a secret to a happier mood?

Posted on August 8 2023
News Vegetarian dietary patterns may reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Researchers looked into how plant-based diets affect people who have a high chance of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD). A recent study suggests that meatless meals might help avoid CVD.

Posted on August 1 2023