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Can intermittent fasting increase the risk of cardiovascular death?

Researchers at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology | Prevention Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Scientific Sessions 2024, which took place from March 18–21 in Chicago, found that people who ate within an 8-hour window and didn’t eat for the rest of the time had a 91% higher risk of dying from heart disease. The study also found that people who already had heart disease or cancer were more likely to get it. Not eating for less than eight hours a day did not make people live longer either.

In people who already had cancer, however, eating less than 16 hours a day was linked to a lower risk of death. The study’s results suggest that food advice should be given with more care and attention to detail, making sure that it fits each person’s health and the most recent scientific proof. Karishma Patwa, MD, a cardiologist at Manhattan Cardiology, says that people should eat a Mediterranean diet and stay away from prepared foods, extra sugars, and too much salt. Read the article.