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News | Media According to cardiologists, this is the healthiest fish for the heart.

A heart-healthy diet typically comprises the following: fish, leafy vegetables, legumes, almonds, olive oil, and berries.

Posted on May 9 2024
News | Media Menopause could damage your heart. What can you do about it?

Every year, menopause hurts the hearts of one million women.

Posted on May 8 2024
Blog | Media Subtle Heart Attack Symptoms Every Woman Should Recognize

Although chest pain or discomfort may affect both men and women, women are more likely than men to also have additional symptoms.

Posted on May 7 2024
Blog | Media What is the impact of allergies on heart health?

Did you know that allergies can have an impact on your heart health? We explore this topic in easy-to-understand terms.

Posted on April 29 2024
News | Media Physical activity lowers cardiovascular disease risk

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that regular exercise lowers the probability of developing cardiovascular disease.

Posted on April 24 2024
Blog What can medical ultrasounds detect, and what types are there? 

Medical ultrasound tests are non-invasive imaging procedures that use sound waves to create pictures of the inside of the body.

Posted on April 22 2024